Digital vs Analog Signal from PC to LCD TV

Hey guys,

I've got a weird issue that i cant seem to figure out.
I just recently got a GTX 670, which replaced a 8800 GTS 512 :bounce:

I was trying to use a HDMI-->HDMI cable and a DVI-->HDMI cable
and with both i get overscan and i have to resize my desktop to an oddball
Res of something like 1840 x 1041.

But if i use my DVI/VGA splitter---VGA cable its comes up to the native res of 1920 x 1080 with no problems.

So i'm just trying to figure out what is happening with the Digital signal.
VGA/Analog looks like crap compared to the Digital signal,
so i'm really hoping i can get this working with the native res.

Any help would be awesome!!!!

And feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. A lot of HDTVs still overscan by default, even on digital signals. Many manufacturers have issued firmware updates to remove it for digital signals
  2. what's the make and model of your display?
  3. Dynex® 42" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV
    Model: DX-LCD42HD-09SKU: 8719078UPC: 600603116728

    I've had it for about 4 years, we upgraded our living room so i got the had me only other option is my 24" monitor :(
  4. In the Dynex Setup menu, is XVS ON or OFF, and have you tried both?
    Is Zoom Mode set to NORMAL?

    also, the manual states that if you're using a DVI-HDMI cable, to plug into HDMI 1 on the Dynex
  5. I have not tried the XVS, but i will. I'm not sure which HDMI slot it was plugged into, i assumed they were all the same. But i'll double check. And it was for sure on Normal, because Zoom and Wide made the problem even worse.
  6. If this doesnt work, is there some type of adapter that would help to fix this issue.
    I know i'm taking shots in the dark here, but i really dont want to shell out the bones for
    new TV.
  7. if none of those options work, you can try using this - after reading about how to use it, it's extremely powerful software that allows you to do anything with your hardware
  8. Nice, man. Thanks. I'll try the later options first. But i'll def. give this a DL and a shot.
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