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I just received my cooler master hyper 212 evo and my two cougar HDB 120mm fans. I took off the stock fan from the H212, and screwed one of my fans on the other two mounting brackets i received in the package for the H212. When I put on my own fan on the heat sink, it slides down. I looked at it a bit, and i tightened the screws as tight as possible, but it still slides down. It looks like the bracket is a bit to "Big". Has anyone else had this problem?
Any input would be appreciated
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  1. It is not clear to me which screws you tightened down.
    It looks like the fans are held to the cooler by clips.

    I do not own the evo, but it sounds like not a big problem that could be resolved in several ways.

    1. Put a piece of friction tape between the clip and the cooler to keep it from sliding.

    2. Put a peg, like a toothpick or golf tee through the fan mounting holes and then between the cooling fins to keep the fan from sliding down.
  2. are you talking about the other mount that came with the heatsink? if so no I don't have that problem on mine. a piece of tape beneath the plastic bracket that colds the mount to the heatsink would probably help though.
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