Building my first gaming PC with a $1200 budget

As i said above, I have a $1200 budget for my first custom built gaming PC. I've checked various websites and forums for good components and have come up with this build:

It is a bit over budget as you can tell. Is this a good build? Would this be future proof? I am fairly new to PC gaming but I am very curious and open to learning new things. I’m a little stuck at this point and would appreciate more suggestions on different builds and components which would lower down the price tag but not lower down its performance by a big margin.

Thank you in advance for any support!
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  1. it all matters what you are going to do. video editing, gaming or just web.
  2. is this subpost to be a budget build?
  3. or are you able to spend 2000
  4. I will be using this PC for gaming. My preferred budget is $1200-1300. I also forgot to mention that I already have a monitor (1080p) and a good keyboard and mouse so i dont need to spend money on that. I would also want to overclock the PC.
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