Second generation second processor vs core i5

which processor is more better ????
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  1. Could you try asking that again in different words :lol:
  2. #5 Need more input
  3. Core 2 Duo < Core 2 Quad <= 1st Gen i3 < 1st Gen i5 < 1st Gen i7 <= 2nd Gen i5 < 2nd Gen i7 <= 3rd Gen i5 < 3rd Gen i7

    < is less than
    <= is less than or equal to

    This is very very approximate and highly inaccurate.
  4. Well... the thing is Core 2 Duo's can outperform Core 2 Quads, which can outperform Core i3's, which again can outperform Core i5's and so on... you get the idea.
  5. The title also included "Second processor" so who even knows what we are debating.
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