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By the next week

RPGS & Racing Games (Skyrim, NFS:The Run, Hot Pursuit)


Coolmax CA_550 - 531Watts - 12V1_17Amps - 12V2_17Amps - 12V3_15Amps
*Above PSU link not exact unable to find the CA550 model in website :(


     Motherboard: Gigabyte_GA-880GM-D2H_AM3 Support_one PCIE X16 2.0 slot(used by 5450) _ four SATA 3.0 GBps

     CPU: Phenom X6 1090T (Default Stock voltage/configs)

     RAM: 6GB (Kingston 1333Mhz - Not OverClocked - Stock voltage/configs)

Amazon(only this place, due to Global Shipping, I'm not from the US)

1600 X 900

Upto ~110-130$

     Please advice if I can use any of the following cards Without changing my PSU :
     MSI ATI Radeon HD7750 OC 1 GB DDR5
     Is this the best 7750 model available ?

Please, Also advise a Card that might not need a PCIE power input(since my PSU does not have any), i choose 7750 because this was the only one i could find with my PSU's power limitations. I read that a 6770 also did not require additional power, cable not sure of this info.

I am a total Noob & even after prolonged reading attempts on this topic, still null when it comes to graphics hardware knowledge.
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  1. You may want to look at a PSU AND GPU upgrade for your rig, I don't feel comfortable trusting my components with that PSU of yours...

    However, you can get a quality PSU and a decent GPU for a fairly reasonable price :) Here are some links -

    If you can stretch your budget a little bit, I would recommend the Radeon HD7770 or RadeonHD6850.
  2. I wouldnt feel comfortable recommending anything on that Coolmax power supply to be honest and would rather see it upgraded it.

    The 6770 does require external power, but the 7750 does not. The 7750 should run find on your computer without any problems.
  3. It's not a very good psu, but you should have no problems running a 7750/7770.
  4. Wow, thanks a lot for your help :)

    @mocchan: I have added the card you linked in, but do u suggest a better card in terms of generation, if i were to choose an older generation 9800GT or a 48xx ATI card ? then i could uprade my PSU as well as the older gen cards are much cheaper i feel. But is it a suitable option for me ?

    @Deemo13: I won't overclock any of my devices, but would my PSU mess up my machine even though it claims 512 & even if i were to buy 7750 it won't use much of that 512 Watts no ? I remember reading PSU fry machines wen u reach its max wattage. do u think it wll affect my machine even though i dont use the total PSU power ?

    @geekapproved: would i be damaging my machine without changing my PSU ?

    Once thanks in advance for such precise replies :)
  5. No you should be fine with something low power like the 7750 and maybe even the low power draw 7770 if you want.
  6. @Deemo13:
    :) thanks for that info,
    so my PSU + 7750/7770 is the first option (most preferable) ..
    but, is an older generation card(equivalent performance) + cool new PSU a possible option also ? if so does any card come to ur mind ?
  7. ohoh I just read from an Amazon reviewer that a micro-ATX motherboard might not be able to accommodate this card.
    Does the motherboard's form factor affect placing the card ? my Computer case is the normal ATX sized one, into which the Gigabyte micro-ATX motherboard is screwed on.
  8. As long as your board has a PCI-E 2.0 16x slot, you won't have any issues regardless of form factor.
  9. I have a card on a micro-ATX motherboard. 2 in fact. As long as you have the PCI-E slot you'll be fine.
  10. Firstly, thanks a lot for the replies, your guys answers makes a huge difference (as you very well know :)

    I am sorry about the late reply, we are in very different time zones. its going to be 10am here.

    I checked out the deal with the following 7770's :
    1 XFX 7770 CORE Edition 1000MHz 1GB DDR5 miniDP HDMI DVI PCI-E Graphics Cards

    2 MSI 7770 1GB GDDR5 DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card R7770-PMD1GD5

    But on going through a review here :
    MSI R7770 2PMDIGD5 and XFX R7770 Black Edition Super Overclocked
    ... I can see both cards needing an additional PCIE power connector

    Actually the reason I am looking @ the 7770's was because of this review;
    They seem to be competing with a 6850(moderate difference) :
    AMD Radeon HD 7750 & Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition Review: Evading The Price/Performance Curve

    Can you please confirm if my PSU can support any of these cards ? if not do u know of any 7770's that does not require an additional PSIE power connector ?
  11. Guys, Also I saw something like this :

    Genius Cable GC-POW-ADT-PCIE - 7" PCI Express Power Adapter (2 x 4-Pin Molex to 6-pin PCI-E Power)

    Can I use something like this adapter since I don't have a PCIE power connector on my PSU, I have four unused Peripheral(4pin) Power points ?
  12. The 7770's do require an extra power connector, and they usually come with the GPU. You've got enough amps on the 12V rail, and the 7770 does not use enough power.

    Just upgrade that PSU when you get the funds. Its a piece of garbage no offense.
  13. Cool, so I can purchase a 7770 & use it directly with my PSU using the provided Peripheral ->PCIE adapter
    (Is there even a remote possibility that the 7770 can fry my PSU) ?

    Can you finally suggest a 7770 card that you think makes sense ? I went through Amazon & found the following cards :

    1. MSI Computer Corp. ATI Radeon HD7770 1020 MHz 1GB DDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Graphics Cards R7770-2PMD1GD5/OC (Two Fans)
    2. XFX FX777AZDB4 Double D HD 7770 Black Edition 1095MHz 1GB DDR5 miniDP HDMI DVI PCI-E Graphics Cards (Two Fans)
    3. XFX FX777AZNF4 HD 7770 CORE Edition 1000MHz 1GB DDR5 miniDP HDMI DVI PCI-E Graphics Cards (Single Fan) Not even 1 customer review
    4. Sapphire 11201-00-20G Radeon HD 7770 GHZ 1GB DDR5 HDMI / DVI-I / Dual Mini DP PCI-Express Graphics Card (Single Fan)

    Would there be a difference in power consumption (on max load) due to two fans vs the one fan models ?
  14. I'd honestly get whatever one is the cheapest, but usually 2 fan solutions are quieter and better at cooling.


    And if you have enough amps on the 12V rail you should be fine. If you are really worried, you can get a Radeon HD7750.
  15. Deemo13 said:
    I'd honestly get whatever one is the cheapest, but usually 2 fan solutions are quieter and better at cooling.


    And if you have enough amps on the 12V rail you should be fine. If you are really worried, you can get a Radeon HD7750.

    Deemo, I have almost finalised it @ this point, went through a site that showed what the internal components of a Coolmax PSU looked like, got freaked out. So I am ready to settle with this :

    PSU :
    Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt 80 Plus Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms ATX 700 CMPSU-600CXV2

    & since I am upgrading my PSU & the difference b/w 7770 & 6850 is only 10~15$'s me going for the following 6850 :
    Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB PCI-E Video Card

    Or would the Antec one @mocchan suggested be enough for a 6850 with my current config ?
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