Best Gaming PC Case?

Hi guys,
I'm new here but anyway I am thinking about building a gaming PC and the only part that I'm unsure about is the case, I was thinking about getting the Bitfenix Prodigy but it is quite expensive but it looks so good!
Are there any other cases that look as good as the Bitfenix Prodigy but are cheaper and maybe a bit bigger?

Thanks for your help! :)
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  1. What are your price range? The Corsair 600t is good. CM Haf 922 is good too. For cheaper cases, zalman z9 have a good air cooling case.
  2. In my opinion the Fractal Design R4 is the best all-around case. I got it myself, so take this with a grain of salt, because I'm in love with this thing.

    It's very sleek looking and a bit anonymous - It looks proffesional.

    It's quite big and even the longest GPUs will fit in there because there is detachable HDD/SSD cages.

    There is quite a lot space behind the MOBO for all your cables.

    Also you can mount 7 120/140MM fans, so cooling won't be a problem - 2 140 mm fans comes with the case. It has a physical fan controller, so you can ramp up the speed of your fans when gaming and then make them completely silent during watching movies or surfing on the web.

    On both sides, in the front and in all the spaces where you haven't installed a fan there are sound dampning material, so it's very quiet.

    It's very sturdy and not all plastic like a lot of the NZXT cases. It weighs in at whopping 12 kilograms, which is not the best when you're going to lan parties with your friends.

    It has 2 built in dust filters for 2 of the 140 MM in the front and one at the bottom for the PSU and one 140mm. So if you don't install intake fans at the side, the top or in the back (used for exhaust mostly), then you got an almost completely dust free system.

    The only bad thing about it is the weight and the price. But quality does mostly come with a price. Though it's nowhere close being as expensive as for example the Obsidian series by Corsair.

    It's recommended by Tomshardware:,3378-17.html
  3. At the low end to mid-range, I prefer Rosewill cases. They come with more fans than typical competitors like Coolermaster , and the fit and finish is good.
    Moving up, Antec and Fractal Design have some very sturdy, appealing cases. Spending more money on a case usually buys thicker metal, more [included] fans, better cable management, more / better external connectors, and more sound insulation.
    Lian Li offers some rather expensive, but impeccably finished cases. Personally, I'm not sure they're worth the money, but some of them seem almost furniture-quality.
    Please be aware that the Bitfenix Prodigy is a mini-ITX case. That's fine, and there are some decent mini-ITX motherboards out there, but most people will suggest full-sized ATX boards for gaming builds. Larger boards typically have better cooling, more PCIe slots (for multiple graphics cards), more fan headers, and often other amenities.
  4. I agree with Rosewill, I also like their case. Have you seen the Rosewill HERCULES? it's pretty cool :)
  5. Rosewill makes nice cases. The Challenger was rated a THG best buy. Blackhawk was well rated too. I like my HAF 922. I have this 932 advanced on the way.
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