Need help choosing a 7970

Alright so I'm upgrading to the 7970, but I'm at an impasse with which to choose. As long as it can handle the new Metro at 60+ on 1680 or 1920 idc what one it is. I'm seeing the Gigabyte GV-R797OC-3GD, but can't find benchmarks on it. So far the XFX DD 7970 looks good. What do you guys recommend?
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  1. Well first off if you don't even know your monitors resolution, you need to find that out.

    You also need to find out your power supply make and model and tell us what cpu you have.

    Then we could possibly tell you if a 7970 is in your future or even possible.

    As far as brands, I always recommend XFX for the warranty and the DD is a great choice but a bit pricier than you probably need.
  2. plenty reviews with benchmarks for the gigabyte card

    and yes the asus mentioned is a great card--but takes up 3 slots

    but either one of those would be my choice
  3. It's not bad, but it seems that it got beat out at higher resolutions. What about the nowhere-to-be-found HIS ICE X2 Turbo X?
  4. Power Supply is 680 watts; will buy another if need be. CPU: i5 3570k and 8 gigs of 1600mhz ram. As for the resolution, I will be playing at 1920, but I'll go down to 1680 on some games. It's a really big upgrade either way from an integrated Intel HD 4000 lol.
  5. Wish some of these benchmarks had the 680s listed as well. I remember a few and so far the 7970 had won most of them, but still can't find benchmarks for the higher ones like the EVGA 680 FTW+. The budget is 400-600.
  6. OP, I highly recommend getting either Sapphire's HD 7970, or (if you can afford it) MSi's HD 7970 "R7970 Lighting".
    These are the two very best HD 7970s that you can get on the market right now.
    Stay away from XFX no matter what, they had good "HD 69--" cards, but their "HD 7---" are a total failure, I'm saying this out of a personal experience of dealing with their "7---" line.
  7. its up to you if you are set on a 7970

    but would have thought a gtx670 might be a better choice at those resolutions

    cheaper and more power efficient
  8. I could care less really on what brand it is. I'm just trying to handle metro on full at ~60fps. It's been a game I've always wanted to play on full (It's an odd thing, idk why) at least at 1680. I been looking at 670s and 680s, but so far everyone of em is not capable so I may just have to cut my dreams short on that. Pretty much I have the money for the graphics card besides the 690 and I want it to be worth every penny I'm dropping.
  9. Andriokz said:
    I'm just trying to handle Metro 2033 on full at ~60fps.

    Then get "R7970 Lighting" and you'll be pretty much blown away even without additional OverClocking.
  10. that R7970 does look sexy
  11. Andriokz said:
    that R7970 does look sexy

    It's THE best HD 7970 on the market right now. GOD TIER. Absolute top dog. Cream of the creamiest crops.
    Of course it should look faptastic. And it IS absolutely faptastic indeed.
    Believe me - even the most high-resolution and top quality screenshots won't give you the clear picture about it's ultra-top notch quality and GODDESS-like level of it's beauty.
    This thing IS BEAUTIFUL, quiet like the most silent night you've ever experienced in Silent Hill, cold like Sub-Zero even during high OverClocking, and it performs like a SuperNova.
  12. Well if that's not a sales pitch then I'm still sold lol
  13. Andriokz said:
    Well if that's not a sales pitch then I'm still sold lol

    I have both Sapphire's HD 7970 (look at my builds in my "Profile") AND one "R7970 Lighting".
    I use Sapphire's HD 7970 as a video card for my main PC (since I don't need THAT MUCH power for the games these days, mainly because I'm more of an "emulator person", rather than a "modern-game player" (even though I do try to play everything new that gets released)), and I use my "R7970 Lighting" only for extreme tests, benchmarking, and sometimes (very rarely) for just ultra-stressful gaming, to see how far it can go.
    I have plans on buying second "R7970 Lighting" soon and making a CFX build, this would be an ultra-overkill setup, ready for Unreal Engine's coming.... >:3

    My point is: I recommend them out of my personal experience of using them, not by any kind of "advertisement" (but they definitely deserve a lot of praise. They're just THAT GOOD).
  14. Ooo I see, well I'l go with the MSI then. One day I'll sli them and then my comp will evolve like a pokemon. and yeah, was playing SSMB today on dolph
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