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I bought a DELL XPS 9000 in 2010 and have replaced everything in it over the last 4 months except for the motherboard and cpu. I just bought the i7-3930k and Asus P9X79 Pro. I also purchased the Corsair H80i but the thing is so gigantic it won't fit in my case. I like the XPS 9000 case and don't want to drop another $150ish on a new case.

Is there a smaller CPU cooling option that is just as good as the H80i? I was thinking about making a custom fan hole in the side of the case, on the detachable panel, to attach the H80i to but think it might be too tight of a squeeze.

Either way, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here first before trying anything or returning my H80i.

Appreciate the help and guidance!
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