PH-TC12DX on my x4 955

hi im wondering is the PH-TC12DX any good for my cooling my cpu
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  1. It's a pretty good cooler. That being said most AMD Phenom II chips max out in the 4Ghz range no matter what cooling you have. With a custom water cooling setup you might get close to 4.5Ghz out of one if you have a good chip.

    HardOCP review.
  2. so u think this cpu cooler can handle 4ghz oc my cpu
  3. probably its slightly below the dual tower coolers of the world and the coloring 12DX is great. Also if it matters the thermal grease phanteks uses is really good close to MX-4 and NT-H1.

    Plus some more reviews on the PH-TC12DX:


    Techsource .tv:
  4. and im just saying i have a h60 but im not happy with it so im buying the PH-TC12DX:
  5. Go for it which color are you going to get?
  6. i like black one and it will match my case which is black
  7. You did look at those benchmarks right? That cooler loses to the H60 by 6 degrees in the Tweaktown testing. If you want to do better than the H60 go with one of the high end air coolers like the Noctua DH14 or the big Phanteks TC14.
  8. ! i dont like the fans on the noctua nh-14 but i have sp120 will be ok if i changed the fans and the phtc14 i have get from amazon
  9. will the temps drop much?
  10. With the Phanteks PH-TC 14? Yes it's very good. As good as the Noctua or better.
  11. its kinda gay i have to get it shipped to australia
  12. and whats the thermaltake firo and change the stock fans to corsair sp120 would that help
  13. The Frio is also a very good cooler but not quite on the Phanteks/Noctua level.

    You don't have any Aussie sites that carry it? Have you checked all the sites on this list?
  14. nope i cant get it in australia
  15. i think i will go with a thermaltake frio and replace the to sp120 and hope the temps drop
  16. The Frio should be a pretty good step up from an H60. Especially with better fans. Just make sure the fans are good fans for heatsinks.

    4Ryan6 did a great fan review here.
  17. well i was going to put the corsair sp120s on it what do u think should i ?
  18. I don't know without reading some reviews. Read what Ryan did. He explains what fans are best for what application. It's the way they direct air. Some are good for case cooling and some are better for heatsinks.
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