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Hello all,

So my motherboard seems to be in need of replacement (Kept getting BSODs and was told that my USB Controller was to blame. Which I think is part of the motherboard?). Now, I'm pretty bad at figuring out which parts to use in order to upgrade so I'm hoping to get some suggestions here. I'd hate it if I tried getting something without consultation and have it wind up not working. This is the current motherboard that I am using:

Ideally I would like something that is more powerful/better/etc. Thanks for the help!
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  1. I doubt it's a hardware issue. Have you tried running a full windows update, including the optional updates? If not, that may give you better drivers. Also try the motherboard vendor's site.
  2. I have tried doing all the updates as well as updating all the drivers from the motherboard's website. I uploaded my crash dump to have someone examine it and they said it was a stop 0x124 which is a hardware related issue. I proceeded to follow the guide that they attached to fix any possible issues and I've done everything that they suggested outside of just getting a new motherboard.
  3. OK then. Maybe one of these:

    I haven't looked at AMD mobos in ages, but it seems to have everything you could need; except maybe IEEE1394. Nobody uses firewire though anymore.

    EDIT: Did you try reinstalling windows?
  4. Can't really go wrong with Asrock, but I would check your current mobo's site for an updated usb driver. You wont be able to find this with windows update, you actually have to go to the mobo site.
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