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I bought a DELL XPS 9000 in 2010 and have replaced everything in it over the last 4 months except for the motherboard and cpu. I just bought the i7-3930k and Asus P9X79 Pro. I also purchased the Corsair H80i but the thing is so gigantic it won't fit in my case. I like the XPS 9000 case and don't want to drop another $150ish on a new case.

Is there a smaller CPU cooling option that is just as good as the H80i? I was thinking about making a custom fan hole in the side of the case, on the detachable panel, to attach the H80i to but think it might be too tight of a squeeze.

Either way, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here first before trying anything or returning my H80i.

Appreciate the help and guidance!
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    The H80i is actually one of the smallest liquid solutions out there. The only ones smaller are the Antec H2O 60 and the CM Siedon 120. Both will have the same issues.

    Sounds like you want to overclock your i7 960. I realize you like the case but you simply can't fit a liquid cooling solution or a capable air solution into that case. The problem is the lack of depth (width) in the case and the top PSU mount. Looking at any 120 or 140mm fanned cooler… they are all massive and won’t fit in that case. You are going to be limited to a downdraft type cooler made for media type cases and those are not nearly efficient enough for me to recommend to you.

    If you’re looking for a similar looking case, look at the NZXT Phantom series. But any bottom PSU mount case will do.
  2. Thanks for the help but I just bought a new cool master case and everything fits nice and snugly. It was only 55 bucks too at Fry's.
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