Subwoofer problems, considering sound card

I bought some 2.1 Logitech speakers yesterday and I've since found out that there's no way to adjust the subwoofer separately from the speakers (no, there's no knob on the subwoofer). I live in an apartment and I don't really want to have complaints because my bass is too loud. I've read on a few sites that people have said there are different settings for adjusting that depending on what drivers you have for your sound card. I believe I just have integrated audio on my motherboard and for the life of me I cannot find anything to change any kind of bass setting/silence my subwoofer on my computer. So, I was thinking about investing in a sound card, probably the Syba SD-PEX63034 if I were to get one (my motherboard is a micro ATX and I only have one PCI express x1 port available for anything else). I don't really want to spend a whole lot, since the speakers themselves weren't that expensive. If I were to get this, would it fix my problem? Would it come with drivers that would allow me to change bass settings, or would I be paying for something I really don't need? I'm very uneducated in computer audio, so if I'm missing something obvious here please tell me. Any insight you can offer would be very much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. What model is the speakers?
  2. Logitech Z313 2.1 speakers
  3. Try just going to the control panel and adjust the eq :)
  4. There's nothing to adjust, I've searched multiple sites for any kind of setting that would let me do that and there just isn't one on my computer. If there's a specific setting you're talking about that's absolutely standard on Windows 7 that I'm missing, please tell me, otherwise there's nothing.
  5. Have you installed latest drivers? :)
  6. Yes, I've installed the latest drivers, but since I've no sound card, there are no drivers that are available to me that do anything. If you can answer my original question, that would be great, otherwise this isn't helping.
  7. Maybe you could buy a sound card with such software. Maybe if you have the money you could look for a speaker upgrade?
  8. Yes, sound cards are the reason I created this thread in the first place. My question is whether or not they would come with drivers that would let me adjust bass on my computer. And I just barely "upgraded" my speakers, I bought new ones the day before I posted this.
  9. An onboard soundcard is still a soundcard, even if a crappy one. Do you know which one you have? If not, please tell us your motherboard model. If it is aRealtek, you should be able to find drivers with an EQ on them.

    Anyways, I'm not at all against a new soundcard, it will be a good improvement.

    Maybe you've already tried this, but there might be a way to reduce bass in:

    Sound>Right click your sound output device> Properties> Enhancements

    If there is an Enhancements tab, there may be either an EQ setting or a high-pass filter (low frequency protection).
  10. I've got an ASRock H61M-HGS, not sure what sound card would be on that. I do have Realtek drivers, but I believe I've searched everything there is on the drivers I have and I can't find anything to adjust bass. If there are better drivers that would work with what I have, that would be great.
  11. Strange, your motherboard description ( says the audio is provided by a VIA 1705 chip, not Realtek. The LAN drivers are Realtek, though.

    Anyway, try installing these:

    This is the link from your motherboard manufacturer. In case the link doesn't work, here's the page where you can get the audio divers from:
  12. Ok, I was able to install the folder but I'm not sure what to do from there. I extracted the entire thing and tried to run setup.exe but it just told me "We can't find HD audio device."
  13. From the description page, can you tell if your motherboard is really the one described? If it is, try uninstalling your previous audio drivers(Realtek one).
  14. Crap, sorry about this, it's actually a H61M-DGS, not an H61M-HGS. Didn't realize there would be two so close to eachother so I just started googling it and copied the one that popped up. This one says it has a realtek card.

    I do appreciate your help though, thanks.
  15. Well, in that case remove the drivers by VIA and also the ones from Realtek. Try downloading and installing the ones from the site you posted, as they are the latest ones from your motherboard manufacturer. If that doesn't solve the issue, you can try downloading a generic driver from Realtek itself, which will certainly be more up to date.

    Give this one a try if you will (first on the list):
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