Upgrading an AMD Phenom 9650

I posted in the GPU forum and was told my 6670 would be fine what what im looking for if I would upgrade my CPU mobo and ram.

Currently im running:
ECS Black GF8200A http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/P [...] 20&LanID=9
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core 2.30ghz
8gigs of GSkil DDR2
XFX HD6670 1gig card
600W Power Supply
2x 21.5 LED screens(1920x1080)

I know intel is running with the baton ahead of AMD but I have no problem with buying AMD because they are cheaper. I have a budget of about $500.

I play Tera, D3, League. GW2, Borderlands1&2, Skyrim and I want to play BF3. I would like to run the games at max or near max and still get 30+ fps.

I was looking at a AMD 8350 Combo with a mobo for $230 and some new Gskill ddr3 ram. I would like to get a more updated video card, something like the 7870. So now im thinking of an FX-4300 because I don't know that the 6 or 8 cores is really going to make a difference.

What do you guys think? If you can find a Intel chip and mobo for around the same price where I can get the video card also, that would be phenomenal.

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Don't get the fx-4300! It has less cache than it should do, and it's only £10 (or whatever that is in USD) less than the superior fx-6300, so just get the 6300 if piledriver's your thing.

    Anways, for your CPU price point, it's gonna be i3-3220 or fx 6300. They perform pretty similarly in games, with the 6300 having the edge in multi-threaded applications and the potential for overclocking, whereas the i3 is locked, but has better per core performance. Some people say the fx chips are more future proofed, but, remember that you can upgrade that i3 to an i5/i7 in the future!
  2. id go fx 6300 just on the fact there will be one more generation for the am3+ motherboards, an oc on the 6300 reaches 8350 performance, and something like a 7870/7850 will be a great match. cheapest 7870 is usually $220 and 7850 like $170. Lets say a 7870 + 6300 + a good overclocking board like the gigabyte 970a ud3 or asus m5a97 R2 about $100+140+220 = $460 leaving with $40 for ram. sadly ram prices are up and avg 1600 8gb ddr3 is like $50 where i got my 1600 kingston for $35 lol At the price range u can get gskill sniper 1866 for $54 and 2133 for $58

    My pricing is thru Newegg but some places have lower prices or sales, i know tigerdirect does pretty good on cpu prices as the 6300 is $130 instead of neweggs 140. But i find newegg to have usually the best cost for video cards and ram, well not now lol most places seem high on ram prices than they use to be
  3. ...Or get a 965 BE. 70 quid and all.
  4. the 965 is a good cpu for its cost but at the moment ive only seen it around $95-100 but it goes on sale often, but even tho its a great cpu its still from 2009 lol unless u take my advice and get steamroller cpu then go get the 965 x4. If ur not going to upgrade at all on the am3+ platform id go 6300
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