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Upgrading video card help

i have this computer :

HP-Pavilion VT527AA-ABL p6340f

and I wanted to play upgrade my video card because currently it cant even run mine craft. I would like to play guild wars 2 without lag. I would like to spend around 75$ but if I have to upgrade my psu then 150$ would be fine.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Maybe a 7750, you probably don't have to change your psu.

    To be sure we need to know the exact amperes on the +12V rail(s).

    For something more powerful you'll have to upgrade the psu and a good gpu and psu for 150 ain't possible.
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    I'd recommend upgrading your PSU. HP uses generally crappy PSUs and a great PSU for such a machine as yours could be bought for under $50. The other $100 or so could be spent on a Radeon 7750 or a discounted Radeon 7770. Either card should do well for gaming, but the 7770 is significantly faster for not much more money. With MIR, there is a 430w Corsair PSU (assuming that the MIR is still going, I'll have to check) at Newegg for $25 and you could easily get a Radeon 7770 with the left over money if you want to and if not, a 7750 is still considerable.
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