Wireless network usb vs pci speed

I am going to build a computer and I need fast wireless adapter for gaming since the router is not near this computer.

Right now I am considering 450Mbps Wireless N Gaming Adapter TEW-687GA( and 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter TEW-684UB(, which one be faster between the two?

I am also considering D-Link DWA-556 Xtreme N PCI Express Desktop Adapter( will the pci be faster and more stable than the two above or will it be slower?

I also found AV Ethernet adapter
Will the AV Ethernet adapter be faster than wireless above?

I don't really worry about the cost, I need the fastest internet speed possible.
Any other recommendations are welcomed.

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    If you have a dual band N range router, try get a wireless adapter for your PC that supports the 5ghz band.

    It might not make much of a noticeable difference, but if you want the best possible speeds then getting off the 2.4ghz band would be preferable. So far the 5ghz band isn't as widely used, as such there's less interference from other wireless devices.

    Something like:
  2. thx, I was just looking at the usb adapter also :)
    so there are no disadvantage in using a usb as a wireless adapter?
  3. Theoretical max speed of N range wireless is around 300mbps (~37.5Mb/s) while the theoretical limit of "Hi-speed" USB 2 devices is around 480mbps (~60Mb/s).

    Technically, shouldn't be an issue.
  4. ok, thx arael I'm gonna get the netgear a3100
    thx again :)
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