Wil a phenom II 555 bottleneck a gt 440?


First of all, sorry if i posted this in the wrong category.

So my question is, as the title says, wil a phenom II 555 (black edition) bottle a gt440?
I'm planning to buy this Cpu because my old one (Phenom 8600) is bottlenecking my gpu. So does any body know if there will be any bottleneck?

Currently system specs:
Cpu: Amd phen 8600 triple core processor 2.3 ghz
Gpu: Asus gt 440 1gb ddr3
Motherboard: m2n68-la narra3
Ram: 4 gb ddr2
Hdd: 500 gb seagte
Psu: 300w

Ps. Sorry for any bad english, it's not my first language. :)
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  1. it should not
    I run a HD7770 on my Phenom2 x2 550 cpu and no problem at all (HD7770 is a fair bit more powerful then a GT440)
  2. if anything that made the cpu bottleneck the gpu it would of been the 2.3ghz, i ran a phenom x4 9650 @ 2.3 with a 9800gt and i would consider that 9800gt to be better than the 440 or at least similar and it played games great, alot better than the old x2 5000+ that was used before. the x4 only one extra core than ur phenom plus the 9800gt played bf3 at just playble fps around 30 @1080p with some stutter, and ultra on wow lol.

    I suppose the better the phenom IIs were that losing a core for higher clock speed would make it better, and could prob be paired with a 7770 as mentioned.

    If u ever get a newer board, the X2 550 can be unlocked to four cores but theres a chance they wont work or stay stable.
  3. Thanks for the reply's.

    I've just wanted to make sure there will be no bottleneck. When i play now i can see my cores going to 99% and the gpu usage will never exceed 70-90% usage.
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