No display seems to boot fine

Went to wake my computer from sleep earlier this evening and it wouldn't awake. Restarted and it seems to boot fine, but no display at all. Monitor tries to autodetect video input and then goes to sleep.

Tried hooking up another monitor and same problem so that rules out cord and monitor as problem, I would think.

Tried removing RAM and using one stick at a time. Tried unplugging everything except for CPU and monitor and still no go.

I had a problem a couple years ago where the monitor was continually going to sleep and I fixed it but cannot remember how.

I spent a couple hours reading similar topics on the forums here, but the suggestions all seem to revolve around new rigs. This computer was working fine this morning and now nothing. Nothing has been changed or updated unless it was an automatic update.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Really don't want to shell out for a new MOBO and CPU as I just bought a new MOBO and PS a few months ago when the MOBO died. Thanks!!
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  1. Tried VGA cord to rule out DVI problem and didn't work with VGA either.
  2. Okay fixed it by removing battery and resetting. Something worked for once. Yay! If anyone else has same problem, I noticed GPU and fans started up and then stopped and then started the rest of the way LED on GPU going off. Once I reset battery and everything jumped to life with no stopping.
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