Best mobo + Cpu + PSU without overclocking? for gaming?

My comps ******* up alot like sometimes when I try to turn it on it just doesnt boot. then when i wait a couple minutes it boots up. When I play anygame the cpu cores go nuts. Im pretty sure my cpu is shot.

Anways.... Whats the best cpu + mobo + psu for gaming?
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  1. Yeah, a budget would help. Plus you probably want a GPU.
  2. I have a 5850 right now. Also what would be a good heatsink for the cpu?

    My comp will sometimes not turn on. the bios never boots or anything until i leave it off for like 10 mins. then it turns on.

    When I play a game or anything the core clocks just go crazy. I went to the bios and turned off all the core clock things that change it and what not and it still does it. Pretty sure the cpu is shot.
  3. CM Hyper 212 Evo is my suggestion. Try reseating the fan with new thermal paste - have you checked how hot it's running?
    EDIT: Big special on CM Hyper 212+. You could get one of those instead. If you aren't overclocking the stock cooler is fine though.
  4. Budget im not so sure about. Just want the best mobo + cpu + heatsink without ever having to worry about it. Right now my comps cpu is garbage and the stock cooler isnt doing ***.
  5. Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO.

    What do you mean the frequency goes crazy?
    The CPU frequency (Core Clock refers to GPU's, and also do this) will go up and down depending on usage. For instance, my CPU is hovering between 3.7 and 4Ghz because I'm not doing anything more than internet browsing and listening to music. Turn off the music and its now at ~2.6Ghz. I'm sure if I left it completely at idle (nothing running) it would be lower.
    When you game or do something intensive, it will hit the max frequency it can go (in my case, 4.2Ghz).

    Going into the BIOS and blindly changing settings is likely what caused the issue.
  6. When im literally doing nothing at all. no programs nothing. The core clocks jump around like crazy.

    The computer has troubles booting as well.

    Right now I played a game of LoL in my custom game just walking around. and my game is stuttering every 3 seconds.

    I wanna replace my mobo + cpu + maybe psu + and if my graphics card is ok ill keep it. Im just tired of the stuttering in my games.

    Im going to take my comp to a computer guy to tell me what exactly is the problem.
    My guess its the cpu thats fucked up or the mobo I dunno for sure.

    my comp runs at like 62 heat all the time. Im sure thats not ok. The stock liquid cooler is garbage as well. I pretty much need alot of stuff but until I found out the real issue of my problems is when ill post a budget.

    Do any of you guys know if there is like a company or people that gives away parts? im a pro gamer and ive been trying to scrap money for reliable streaming pc. All i got is about 200 and im working on getting about 2 grand ish.

    I wish someone could just donate me a streaming gaming pc and sign a contract of some sort if I make money streaming I can give them a cut. But yeah thats probably very unlikely but maybe.

    How do I know if its my cpu or gpu or anything that is causing my issues?
  7. What is the hardware you currently have? If you were running a 2500k, decent Z68 mobo and brand-name RAM and having these issues I would be surprised, but on a Pentium D with generic components or something its more likely.

    Well, if you find anyone who will give away computer components worth using in a gaming rig, make sure to tell us where.

    Maybe you could get a deal with Machinima or something. Don't think they will outright fund you for a new PC, but they may pay for any game-play videos you make and that could be put toward a better PC. As you get a better PC, quality and number of videos rise (though I find a good narrator/commentator is more important than graphics), more cash which equals better PC. Infinite loop...

    Maybe to get started you could do a commentary of playing games on this horrible machine :lol:
  8. 1055t thuban cpu
    700 watt psu
    5850 gpu
    1333 2x2 4gig dominator corsair ram
    stock liquid cooling
    GA-890GPA-UD3H mobo

    So how do I find out what the problem is?

    Honestly I cant play any game right now with this problem. I have a video here that I did a while back tho. When i was streaming (was terrible) peope liked my commentary but tribes is a dieing game. heres a video.
  9. Gah, I should play Tribes more often. Every now and then I just get tired of being obliterated by people who have payed for bigger guns and quit for a while.

    First off I think you should clear the CMOS, this will return all BIOS settings back to standard. There should be a jumper or button somewhere on the mobo where you can do this.
    Check if that clears up the issue.
    If it doesn't, I'l admit I am somewhat stumped. A PSU or HDD failure wouldn't cause the issues described. Bad memory might though, run memtest to find out if its a problem.

    Guess all you can do is run it breadboarded, so oustide the case on a non-conductive surface (wooden table, plastic mat, cardboard are all good surfaces). Remove everything that isn't required to boot the machine (only one RAM stick). If it fails, swap the stick. If it works, you know that sticks at fault. If it still fails, it can mean both sticks are bad, but you cant be sure. If it all works, keep adding components on until it fails. That will get you a general idea of what is causing the issue, and whether the problem is hardware or software based.
  10. I just cleared cmos
  11. Do you have another cooler for that CPU? There may be a problem with it overheating due to a dead pump or bad thermal paste.
  12. ok. Why would my comp be getting so hot for? my clocks are only at 2.8 speed not even overclocked.

    Im sure the thermal paste is bad but i mean *** cant a stock liquid cooler do anything?

    Its not even over clocked.

    K resetted cmos. Took the battery out for 5 seconds. checking to see if the game is runing ok

    K im in the game at its at 65 heat. No stuttering but why is it getting so hot? I cleaned out the dust like a month ago. Does it REALLY need a new thermal pasting even in a simple LoL game?

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    hmmm 67 heat and it starts stuttering....
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    the more i play the more it stutters. 45 frams then to 60. over and over. Why is it getting so hot so fast?

    1 2 3 stuttery 1 2 3 stuttery over and over. sitting at around 67 heat.

    I got a stock liquid cooler shouldent it be fine with just LoL?

    Also I feel like the fan on the top back of the tower is slower then normal. I remember before I would put my hand on it and it was pretty strong. I feel its weaker now.

    I will sit and not move for a while in the game and my heat will be at 55. Then when I walk around for like 12 steps the heat goes up to 63 and it starts stuttering.
  13. How Do i know if the pump is dead?

    yeah I sit there and do nothing its at 55 heat then when i move for 8 seconds it jumps to 67 and stutters...
  14. If the thermal paste is starting to dry out then it can't move the heat from the CPU to the heatsink, so it overheats and starts throttling. Celsius I assume?
  15. yeah but why would it get THAT hot. how do i know if the pump is dead or not?
  16. yeah celsiues
  17. when the game is running in the backround and im not doing anything it sits at 60 celsuis.

    Also my core clocks are going to 800 alot up and down.

    But I feel like the top back fan is way slower then it should be. Is there a way to test if the fan or pump is messed up?
  18. psychostoner said:
    when the game is running in the backround and im not doing anything it sits at 60 celsuis.

    Definitely bad paste or pump. It should be running with ~10C of room temp at idle. Pull the waterblock off and reapply the paste.

    psychostoner said:
    But I feel like the top back fan is way slower then it should be. Is there a way to test if the fan or pump is messed up?

    Put your finger on the pump. Can you feel it vibrating? Fan speed doesn't overly matter for idle temps - anything should be fine.
  19. they are vibrating but barely. I have League of legends running in the backround and my comp is at 60 celsius. Once I alt into the program and play the game and walk around for exactly 8 seconds the game gets to 67 Celsius and starts to stutter.

    Before I mssed with the fan speeds but I did just do the CMOs and ressetted everything.

    I dunno why its getting so hot all the sudden. Even with the thermal paste drying out LoL would never heat up my comp this bad. I do feel like the fans could be going faster and you would think the liquid cooler would get it to at least 50 celsius in a LOL game.
  20. Without any thermal paste it could easily get over 100C if it didn't throttle properly, even at idle. With dried out stuff it's a bit better. A bad pump could have a similar effect. You don't have a spare socket AM3 cooler do you?
  21. I dont : / Only thing I can do is take my computer to my buddys shop for 30 bucks they can tell me what I need but yeah : / I dunno why its getting so hot all the sudden. This only started AFTER the ps2 patch before it was all fine. Now after I cant even run LoL without it stuttering like crazy. Mind you I reformatted my comp and took out cmos....
  22. You could buy a cheap CPU cooler off newegg or somewhere. Cheap closed loop cooling can sometimes be worse than a decent air cooler, so get a
  23. My computer idles at 43 celsius
  24. That's still on the high side.
  25. Still whats with the computer sometimes not wanting to turn on at all? I mean it turns on but it never goes to bios it just has a blank screen and the computer power seems on? What would cause this?
  26. Take it to a shop and have your computer looked over. It seems asking unless you reapply thermal paste.
  27. I got some thermal paste and ill ask him. But all this occured after the Planet side 2 update. Before that my comp could run LoL 60 frames no problem. Now it just cant even do that.
  28. psychostoner said:
    I got some thermal paste and ill ask him. But all this occured after the Planet side 2 update. Before that my comp could run LoL 60 frames no problem. Now it just cant even do that.

    Uninstall the update if you can. This could avoid having to reapply thermal paste. When do you think was the last time or only time thermal paste was applied to your CPU?
  29. I havent applied any in a long time.
  30. You definitely want to stick new stuff on. Either take it into a store and get them to do it or DIY. You could drop the liquid cooler if you want. They usually are little more than gimmicks, and get beaten by a half-decent air cooler.
  31. ok so I figured out that my power cord wasnt all the way in. I pluged it in and now im at 45 idle and 60 in a game. My computer still wont run planet side 2 but it does run LoL flawlessly.

    I know I am getting a new heatsink and all that but Im pretty sure I need to OC my 2.8 6 core to like 3.8. Then maybe I can run the game becuase right now heat is making the cores go to 800 to stay safe. And i dont want to *** with the bios anymore till I get a better heatsink and re applyed thermal paste which he said hes gunna do.

    What else could cause stuttering and massive fps spikes? besides heat? or ram? Im pretty sure my ram is ok.
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