Will 23amperes of psu be good for modern gfx cards?

will 23amperes of psu be good for modern gfx cards?if not,without upgrading it can i install n play modern games in my new gfx card?does it have any drawback?
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  1. look at it this way, 23 amps is equal too 276 watts, you'll have a hard time running any GPU on that PSU unless it has multiple rails.
  2. multiple rails?what does it mean buddy?currently i am running nvidia en210 gfx card but m lookin to get a new one this weekend so if i continue gaming on that psu will it have any drawbacks in my gfx card performance?if not,then what ampere psu would be great?
  3. Ok in very simple terms when a PSU has multiple rails it means that it splits up the power into two or more parts adding up to a more powerful PSU. They do this because back in the day they thought it would be unsafe to have to much power in a PSU so that's how they did it. On the label on the side of the PSU look and see if there's more than one 12v+ rating. Or try to find the model and make of the PSU.

    If you try and run a GPU that takes more power than the PSU can handle it simply won't work, depending on what GPU your looking to buy will determine how much power you need in a PSU. Here is a good quality PSU that I have a feeling you'll end up needing before you can upgrade your GPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151094 (if you look at the close up of the sticker you'll notice that this particular unit has 2 12v rails)
  4. there's +12v and -12v columns in my psu,so is it a good one?
  5. will 30 amperes of power supply be enough for a hd 7770?if m gonna buy a new psu ,how do i figure out its watts on the basis of its amperes power supply?
  6. No, it'd be labled 12v1, 12v2, 12v3, etc.., the -12v is something else, your going to have to buy a new PSU the one you have now isn't going to be able to run any decent GPU.
  7. thanx buddy that helped....but how do i find out the actual watts of the psu??
  8. To find the actual watts you use a formula. If it's a single railed unit you take the amps on the +12v rail and multiply by 12. If there's multiple rails it gets trickier but as long as you buy a good quality PSU it'll usually do the math for you and tell you right on that same sticker.
  9. thnx bro
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