Need Help!! No hard drives detected after new video card

I just installed a 560 TI and now my hard drives arent being detected in bios.

I have a 850w psu.

could really use some help
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  1. When you turn your PC on, check to make sure that your hard drives are running.
  2. I just checked and I am not sure if they are. if not why wouldnt they be?
  3. If you feel them (of course after discharging yourself of static electricity) they should feel like they are vibrating.

    Which 850W are you using?
  4. Could be a couple of reasons. First though make sure that the hard drivers are starting up. It is most likely that they are not at fault and this is to just make sure they are getting power.
  5. It shows all sata slots the drives are in but it shows them like so
    sata 1:
    sata 2 :
  6. i dont feel anything I have a thermaltake black widow I am upgrading from a GTS 250
  7. If your drives are getting power, try booting with just one drive to see if that changes anything.
  8. No vibration coming from them eh? Sounds like a power supply issue. Could you give us your psu name and wattage?
  9. Thermaltake Black Widow 850W I am guessing. Not the best there is but should be able to pull a 560Ti and a couple of hard drives.
  10. ^^
    lol nice guess
  11. Do you have another PSU that could carry that load around the house?
  12. i have a 700 thermaltake that i can try
  13. I would try that one to see if it makes a difference. Also check your connections on your hard drives as well.
  14. That should be fine, your not testing load with it.
  15. Ok so I swaped psus it detects the drives but.. i get a message reboot and select proper boot device?
  16. i get that with one, and the other drive i get error 0xc00000e9 looking like getting a new gpu was a bad idea lol
  17. Well, if it doesnt pick up the drives with your new power supply and it does with your old one, then there might be an issue here.
  18. the 700w old psu worked but i cant seem to access the drive grrrr i get the 0xc00000e9 error I/o
  19. I am losing my mind here !!!
  20. Looks like somehow my drives got all screwed up..... :/
  21. That's so weird.
  22. there is no reason why I put in a new gfx card my drive goes bad?
    do you think the need for more power killed my sata controller?
  23. I was able to get it to load my windows 7 disk.. and i am able to browse what is on my drive but I am unable to boot from it? I dont get whats going on.
  24. Are you sure the SATA ports are working correctly? Maybe try some other ports.
  25. i ran my win7 cd and if i go through install i am able to see the drive, but if i try to repair from that drive it doesnt recognize a partition. I am just going to try to reinstall, I was due for it anyway
    Ill let you know how it does. Still not understanding why such trouble to swap a vid card, never had issues before.
  26. An install might be the best move.
  27. Install in progress *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* so far so good
  28. In the process of trying to figure out what my pcs issue was i noticed that my sata speed was set to auto seeing as i had a 320gb and 2 1TB WD Black editions. it was only running at 3.0gb/s wow what a difference after I switched it to 6GB/s . windows installed in no time flat!. I have since removed the 320 drive as I wasnt using it anyway! Thank you for all your time and patience.
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