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I recently just got a new computer and installed a gtx 670 into it. Its running fine. However, the temps seem a bit high to me during load. When I run shogun 2, the temp reaches as high as 86 C. Based on what ive seen and heard for load temps that seems a bit high. Fan speeds go up to 65% when it gets that high. WHen I play a simple game like League of legends temps get up to high 70s. That also seems a bit high.

Are those temps a little high. If so how can I lower them?
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  1. First what 670 do you have? Can you submit a pic of the card in the PC? It may be that you do not have enough airflow. You want to keep temps at for below 70c or the card starts to underclock.
  2. Zotac 670 2g Geforce. I dont think airflow is a problem the case has a ton of room in it. But ill get some pics up.

    Im not too worried about it being in the 70cs. The underclock is very minimum (like 15 MHs). Just the 80s worry me and it underclocks to much at that point.

    Also im not sure about how accurate the maxes are. As soon as I lower my game to see the temps they begin to drop dramatically like back to the 60s.
  3. It's OK, but not great at all. Maybe you can add side fans?
  4. I may have fixed it myself. I used fan speed software (EVGA precision) to boost the fan speed. Its not going above the low 70s now. Have the fan speed at 80 to keep it that way (only during load, lower fan speed during idle)
  5. Hehe nice :) but are you not disturbed by the noise?
  6. Headphones :). And its actually not to bad at full fan speed. not as loud as I would have thought.
  7. Zotac 670 is the loudest and hottest 670 there is lmaooo
  8. I have my GPU fans set to 75% @ 60c and its like a brick wall. The temps never get past 61-62c.

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