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Just wanna do one last check to make sure I'm getting the best and right parts for the money. Hey guys this is my first time doing a PC build and I was hoping to get some feedback on the build I came up with. I have been getting a lot of different suggestions on the parts I have chosen and I really want to assure that this PC will last and run very strong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am an avid Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 player and I would like these games to run at high fps, no problems. I run into a lot of fps lag currently because my computer, well, just plain sucks, so I am hoping to be able to be lag free. Also it would be awesome if I could run the games with maxed out graphics..easily of course. Thanks guys!
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  1. The SSD is overpriced.
    Get the Vertex 4 which is $30 cheaper.

    The motherboard is okay, a bit overpriced as well, but I guess you prefer ASUS?

    Other than that, I like the whole build. OC and SLI/CF ready. The PSU is ready for it as well.
    Good job.
  2. id suggest this

    free memory from newegg for the motherboard

    got a slightly more efficient power supply

    got a cheaper and just as good 7970

    way cheaper motherboard

    faster SSD

    much better cooler
  3. XFX GPU coolers aren't very good. The original GPU had a way better cooler, massive factory OC, and was ~$8 more.

    You don't need a 750W PSU for one 7970, and it's probably a bit on the small side for two. One of these would do fine, and efficiency doesn't make a large difference:
    If you want modular get one of these:
  4. i dont see how they are bad when they cool way better than a stock cooler and about as good as most aftermarket solutions
  5. They may be better than stock, but that doesn't mean there isn't something better. The Sapphire is also clocked a lot higher. $8 isn't a large difference.
  6. really doesnt matter too much for me. ive had a xfx power supply and a couple of their older nvidia cards so i usually stick to them.

    i know the xfx warranty is great but never heard much from sapphire
  7. Oops lol
  8. taylorswift said:
    I'm not gonna lie to you,I sort of want a faster processor. Like 3.4Ghz aleast. If I come up with the money for let's say the i5 3570, would my psu still be good enough? I'm going with the one you suggested.

    i think you are on the wrong post
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