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Hello fellas well I just recieved my Sapphire HD 7850 from for $206.99 which was heck of a deal. I would have gotten OC version but it was out of stock. But when I received i got a different model than which i expected. I got the Sapphire HD 7850 Dual X instead of the other one.

Dual X:

Non- Dual X:

Now my question is what the heck is the difference with both. Ive looked around but still dont know what to think. Please shed some light to me. I feel like this model is the latest model for this GPU from what their website stated.

Thanks for the input and help.
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  1. It will literally just be the appearance of the outer casing of the graphics card. Manufactures do release different outer cases every now and then. It's nothing to worry about as both the graphics cards will have the exact same specs and pretty much the same cooling abilities.
  2. Just Leave it. It is just basically the same but they branded it differently. Oh yes, how's the clock speed? Maybe the Dual-X is OC'd or something?
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