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I have recently purchased a new computer and storeed all my files from my old computer onto an external hard drive, I have successfully transferred all my files from the external drive onto my new computer with the exception of music.

The way I did this was to open my external hard drive and at the same time opened Windows Media Player on my computer and dragged the files from the external hard drive onto the new computer, everything seemed to be ok, all the music was organized in genre and albums titles etc, however when I tried to open a file to play a window came up telling me that the file was empty, I know that the music files can be playe3d on my external harde drive. PLEASE ADVISE.
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  1. Are you sure you didn't just make a shortcut instead of copying the file?

    How many songs did you copy and how long did it take?
  2. Check the size of the music files silverliquicty might be right.
  3. is there is a small arrow on the files your playing then these are just shorcuts!
  4. Media Player build its catalogue / database while leaving the original file in their place. You need to move the files off the external drive and then let Media Player build it's database.
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