Something wrong with my system

1055t thuban cpu
700 watt psu
5850 gpu
1333 2x2 4gig dominator corsair ram
stock liquid cooling
GA-890GPA-UD3H mobo

When I turn on my computer sometimes it never boots up bios and just sits there. Fans running and everything power is there but nothing. Then sometimes it makes the little BEEP then it works.

everytime I play a game even if its like really small and not graphic intense like LoL it stutters every 3 seconds.

Can someone please tell me how to find out the problem here?
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  1. What power supply is that?
  2. Xion 700 watt

    I also fucked with the cpu clocks before and the graphics but I reformated and turned everything back to optimal in bios.

    Still everytime I run a tiny game or anything it stutters and is completely unplayable.

    So it could most likely be heat or the cpu is fucked or something.

    How do I check?

    Basicully I was playing planet side 2 and they patched it. The patch made my game really stuttery and im sure it was making was CPU push more.

    Its also 2 years old and usually when im playing a game it sits around 62 heat.

    But after the patch im sure it did something bad cuz now I cant run anything even a tiny little game with out bugging out.

    and whats with the whole sometimes I can boot the computer sometimes it just stays on and never makes the BEEP to bios.
  3. Go into your motherboard and take out the watch-looking battery in it, and leave it out for a few minutes. That will set all of the clocks (and the time) back to default.

    62C idle? That is very hot. That could be the problem, but I would clear the CMOS (take out the battery) first.
  4. ok. Why would my comp be getting so hot for? my clocks are only at 2.8 speed not even overclocked.

    Im sure the thermal paste is bad but i mean *** cant a stock liquid cooler do anything?

    Its not even over clocked.

    K resetted cmos. Took the battery out for 5 seconds. checking to see if the game is runing ok

    K im in the game at its at 65 heat. No stuttering but why is it getting so hot? I cleaned out the dust like a month ago. Does it REALLY need a new thermal pasting even in a simple LoL game?
  5. hmmm 67 heat and it starts stuttering....
  6. the more i play the more it stutters. 45 frams then to 60. over and over. Why is it getting so hot so fast?

    1 2 3 stuttery 1 2 3 stuttery over and over. sitting at around 67 heat.

    I got a stock liquid cooler shouldent it be fine with just LoL?

    Also I feel like the fan on the top back of the tower is slower then normal. I remember before I would put my hand on it and it was pretty strong. I feel its weaker now.

    I will sit and not move for a while in the game and my heat will be at 55. Then when I walk around for like 12 steps the heat goes up to 63 and it starts stuttering.
  7. Which stock liquid cooler did you get? And did you re-apply the thermal paste?
  8. Im not sure but this is a ibuypwoer computer and its the stock one. No I havent. I also feel like the back top fan is ALOT slower then beofre how do I check if the fan is messed up? How do I know if the pump is messed up?

    When running LoL in game I hit to 67 celsius and it starts stuttering
  9. My computer idles at 45 celsius
  10. Is this the processor? It seems as if you have had it for a long time, and you might want to get a can of compressed air and blow out the dust.
  11. yeah. I did blow out the dust like a month ago. Im gunna send my comp to a guy I know so hell tell me whats up

    Still whats with the computer sometimes not wanting to turn on at all? I mean it turns on but it never goes to bios it just has a blank screen and the computer power seems on? What would cause this?
  12. I had this problem a week ago, and it was due to a short within the case and the motherboard.
  13. prolly garbage power supply and water cooling. re applying thermal paste might help with the cooling.
  14. ok so I figured out that my power cord wasnt all the way in. I pluged it in and now im at 45 idle and 60 in a game. My computer still wont run planet side 2 but it does run LoL flawlessly.

    I know I am getting a new heatsink and all that but Im pretty sure I need to OC my 2.8 6 core to like 3.8. Then maybe I can run the game becuase right now heat is making the cores go to 800 to stay safe. And i dont want to *** with the bios anymore till I get a better heatsink and re applyed thermal paste which he said hes gunna do.

    What else could cause stuttering and massive fps spikes? besides heat? or ram? Im pretty sure my ram is ok.
  15. my comp is idleing at 50 what does a good comp idle at? around 10? celsius
  16. My computer idles 40C, mainly because of a hefty overclock. Stock mine idles around 30C.
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