Radeon hd 7850 with 475w power supply

hey guys im getting the 7850, probably the asus with dual fans, i cant really update my power supply right now, so im wondering if using a 475w is cutting it too close? i play alot of mmorpgs and my gc is horrible its an ati radeon hd 4300, so i really need to upgrade

I have a dell studio xps 435t/9000
intel core i7 920 @2.67 ghz
6gigs of ram
64 bit operating system
on my computer score my processor and and ram are at 7.4
m graphics are at a 3.5 and my gaming graphics and primary hard disk are at about 6
everything is stock

this is my powersupply specs

if you have any suggestions on what to do, or if all else fails maybe suggsting another graphics card, as long as i can play swtor and wow, also im gonna be wanting to get planetside 2, but as long as i can get a steady high fps on decent settins like medium to high ettings, idk i really have my heart set on the 7850, just let me know, all oppinions are welcome

just as an added note on the very lowest setting in wow i get 60 fps but it drops to 30 in dungeons which causes horrible lag spikes, its just unacceptable, stor is virtually impossible to play although i tweaked the res to get around 70 to 80 fps on low, still, id like to enjoy my games in good details
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  1. That's more than enough.

    the 7850 on load uses less than 150w and you got 300w+ available on load from your psu through the 12v rails.

    and what resolution are you gaming on?

    if you're on 1920x1080, then i'd probably suggest the 7870 instead (which also can be ran using your PSU) since it would give you a bit more headroom.

    And 7850 is now $209 and 7870 is now $250.
  2. oh ok thank you so much man, i really appreciate it
  3. i thought the 7870 used a bit more power though, if i remember correctly
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