Advice and opinons on proposed build

Hey guys, heres my current build. (2-3 years old, my first build.)

CPU: Phenom II X4 965 BE
MoBo: Asus M4A79XTD EVO
GPU: Saphire HD 5870
Memory: Xms DDR3 2x2GB 1600 cl7 Corsair RAM
PSU: 750w Corsair XT
Windows 7, 64bit

I was originally going to upgrade the RAM to 8GB and the GPU to a 7850 for Far Cry 3. Then i figure out the performance increase would be slight at best and I'd have to change card again fairly sonn and i settled on a 7950.

But now i'm thinking i might get longer out of a 670. My question is:

Is the exta money worth the better performance i@ll get out of the 670 and how long (roughly) will i max games at 1920X1080?

Also if the 670 is the best solution could you recommend a 670 card from these two pages.

Thanks in advance
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  1. This is probably the best one:

    You are in need of a platform upgrade at some point though. Maybe next year once Haswell arrives. At stock settings your CPU might bottleneck the 670.

    You could get an aftermarket cooler and OC it if you wanted.

    The 670 should last for ages, and is well worth the money.
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