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Hey I'm think of setting up a 3 monitor system for my gaming but I don't know if my pc can handle it.

My specifics are:
Intel i5 CPU
AMD Radeon HD 7950 GPU
2 Terrabyte Harddrive
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Motherboard
700 watts power supply

if i can't run 3 monitors what hardware can I add/change to get 3 monitors

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  1. Do you mean 3 1920*1080 monitors? I don't know what exact model of 7950 you have, but if you have all the outputs you need it will be able to run them. If it doesn't game as well as you like you could add a second 7950. I looked up your mobo and it does x8x8 so crossfire will work. iirc you have to use display port for one of the monitors, which will probably require some kind of adapater.
  2. It can, though either one of the screens has to be connected via DisplayPort, or you need an active DVI>DP convertor.

    You might need a bit more graphics might though, as 5760x1080 is pretty tough for any GPU. You could add another 7950. Find some benchmarks.

    EDIT: What 700w PSU?
  3. Yeah, three monitors will work with that. Granted you won't be able to use high settings but it will work.
  4. Why not upgrade the 7950 to a 7970 Ghz model? You will be very pleased with this card. Add in a second one and you can do Crossfire.
  5. Just getting a second 7950 would be far cheaper compared to 2x7970GHz (assuming he already owns a 7950). Plus he might not need to replace the PSU, but 700w will not run 2x 7970GHz.
  6. You could also upgrade to a 4gb gtx 670/680 instead of an additional graphics card, and that would help push better quality to your monitorsand produce less heat.
  7. No, you'd get a way lower frame rate than 2x7950. Around single 7950-7970 level. Plus it's pretty hard to use 2GB of VRAM, and the amount doesn't matter until you run out. GCN is a way better option.
  8. Thanks to all of the advice Im looking for 3 1920x1080 monitors.
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