Please help pc won't turn on!

So i built my pc at home today, with amd fx8120. every part was new except my old gpu. so i turn on the pc and start windows 7 installation, and it's ok but it was too slow so i decided to check if maybe my cpu was overheating so i moved the case and the display stopped showing picture, so i turned it off. and when i tried to turn it back on it didn't react. the psu didn't start so i put it in another pc and it works. please help!
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  1. Right,
    Sounds like theres a connection problem between your PSU and power switch. Im not too sure how motherboards react to a power on signal, but maybe the motherboard is dead, or not reacting for some reason? Or maybe the PSU is gone. Does it work in another computer, or have you got another PSU to try in the computer in question.
  2. Try re-seating the graphics card. If that does not do anything then go thru the Trouble shooting guide.
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