Bios not showing full screen on 1920x1080

Hi I upgraded from my 19" Acer (1440x900) to a 22" Acer (1920x1080) Monitor yesterday.

My Graphic Card is Nvidia Gainward Gtx 275
My Motherboard is Asus P6T Se

For some reason the splashscreen and BIOS show up centered with a big black border background. There is no autoscale option on my monitor. I read somewhere about editing some VESA something but I'm not clever to understand what it is exactly

The funny thing is that the OS loads up perfectly well, but the BIOS keeps showing in a smaller resolution.

Is there some way I can change this. I know it seems a small issue but it really annoys me, even the fact that the splash screen isn't shown fullscreen.

Any help is highly appreciated.
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  1. Nothing you can do really. If your monitor doesn't support auto adjustment, it will be fixed resolution. But in my eyes your lucky, I hate the stretched bios, so annoying in my opinion.
  2. What about the editing VESA option ? I read about it multiple times. but I can't figure out where to start or what exactly is it
  3. help anyone ?
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