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Afternoon all....been lurking around here a while and haven't really had a reason to get a discussion going up until now so here goes...

I am about to buy a system off a friend, he built it a few months back and has become too busy at work to use it for what it was built for. He offered to dish it off to me for a very cheap price and seeing as its so cheap I might upgrade a couple of the bits that are in it as soon as I get it...

Im looking to use it for gaming (BF3, GW2, MW3 <Any other 2 letters and a number>) could anyone advise me if anything would need upgrading now or in the near future...Here's the list of components he sent me...

Processor - Intel i7 3770K Ivy Bridge
Motherboard - Asus Z77 Deluxe (He specifies he bought and installed a better heatsink but doesnt say what it is)
RAM - Cosair 1866mhz 2x8GB
Graphics - AMD XFX HD6870 1GB DDR5 - Black Edition
PSU - XFX 1000W Platinum rated
HDD - WD Caviar Black 64mb Cache - 2TB
SSD - OCZ Synapse Cache Drive - Sata 6 - 128GB

Also, I want to purchase a decent monitor to go with this...around 23" but as there are so many on the market I personally dont know what to look for when buying one :$

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  1. So, how much are you paying for this rig? Also, how much do you want to spend on a monitor?

    Overall, the system should be okay as is for gaming. If you plan to upgrade anything, the GPU is likely where you should start. While the HD6870 is a decent GPU, if is pretty middle of the road today.
  2. £700...I would build my own but as its a friend he's letting me split in over a couple of months and im too lazy (probably the main reason)...

    £200 would be my max on a monitor but would prefer to pay around £150 if possible..

    Any recommendations on the GPU?
  3. Check out this monitor at Misco:


    I would recommend you try out the HD6870 and see if it meets your needs. If not, after you pay for the rig. Set aside some $$$ and wait for the Radeon HD8XXX series to come out. That will drive down prices for the HD7XXX and HD6XXX devices.

    If you want something now, consider the HD7950.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks very much :D
  5. You are most welcome. Have fun!!!
  6. So the guys im buying this off has preached how much he needs the SSD out of this thing, I reluctantly agreed to let him have it and now I am wondering what SSD to replace it with?

    Havent really messed around with them before so dont know where to begin to look for a decent one, I will look to run my OS and a few games off of it.

    Any advice?

  7. The Samsung 830 series highly recommended by many sources., for example. This is largely an issue of budget. Keep in mind, you don't NEED an SSD, but they can improve system performance.

    I would recommend you start a new thread in the Storage/SSD or Systems/Homebuilt forum areas and ask for SSD recommendations. Be sure to include the specs for your system. You'll get better feedback with a new thread.

    Good luck!
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