Which one should I get ? Nvidia GTX460 1GB or GTX 550ti 1GB ?


1 of my computers had GTS 450 1GB card which got some technical problem last week.

right now it's in service center. Now the service center guyz says that they give replacements of cards and the GTS 450 is not available right now. So I got angry and fought with them on phone and then they offered me 2 deals.

Offer 1: GTX 460 1GB in replacement of GTS 450 without any additional charges

Offer 2: GTX 550 ti in replacement of GTS 450 with additional charge of 30$

So guyz what say.. which one should I get ?

Thanks for helping.
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  1. Edit:

    Yeah get the 460, it's a beast.
  2. the 460. DEFINITELY the 460 especially if you're getting it for free anyway, and even if you don't play games at all.

  3. Okay I am also thinking about GTX460. Just Contacted the head office of the company and they said that they have couriered GTX460 and GTX550ti both to the branch in my city. I can get whichever I want on monday.

    So any more suggestions ?
  4. any more replies please ?
  5. GTX 460 is much better than GTX 550 Ti :).
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