Connecting 2 screens to 1-hdmi-output vga at the same time?

Hi! I would like to connect both my projector and tv to my vga via hdmi at the same time so that i wouldn't have to get up and switch cables every time i want to switch between the projector and the tv. but my vga has only one hdmi input. what is the name of the device i am looking for? "hdmi splitter" or "hdmi switch"? And can you please suggest a good one for my 1080p 3D system? Thanks!
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  1. You're looking for an HDMI switch, but if your graphics card (VGA) also has a DVI output, I'd use that and a DVI to HDMI cable to your projector (you really don't want to use your projector's audio, do you?).

    -Wolf sends
  2. No, i do not. That's a pretty good idea actually. Kind of makes me feel dumb not to think of it. lol. I have one question though. Do those adapters reduce the quality of the signals? You know, me using 3D and what not...
  3. No, there's no signal degradation since it's a digital signal. You either have a signal or you don't.

    -Wolf sends
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