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New 3820 running slower than my previous 3570k!!!!

Not sure what happened. But I noticed right away that in CPUz it was giving me 1.2GHz ALL the time. Ran my games and started on an even deeper road to lag. Web browsing freezes occasionally. I mean damn. Wtf happened? Got a screenshot here. Anyone got any ideas? The results are the same whether or not I OC. Motherboard is an MSI X79A-GD45 Plus

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  1. Was running great with my 3570k. Swapped out mobo and proc, installed new drivers. Thinking maybe I should have done a fresh install of OS?
  2. Bios 7735v14 or up installed?
  3. r3zs1ckn3ss said:
    Was running great with my 3570k. Swapped out mobo and proc, installed new drivers. Thinking maybe I should have done a fresh install of OS?

    You should always do a fresh install when changing the motherboard. If your using windows OEM your license is invalid now anyway. Did you update the BIOS? reset to factory defaults? Are you changing clock settings in the BIOS or from windows?
  4. ^ very likely.
  5. definately a new OS install or use sysprep, its a different chipset, different HAL.
  6. you can do sysprep now if you want, it can only work, but the license might be an issue.
  7. BIOS are up to date. I am changing clock settings from BIOS. Like I said. Last board and proc was fine. Gonna try that fresh install and come back.
  8. fresh install is automatic unless, you have a very similar cfg with the new setup
  9. New install done. CPUz and Coretemp show a constant 1.2GHz even under load. The passmark results are the same.
  10. I think u have able the Intel Speed Step in ur BIOS ..
    Try to disable it and try it again.
  11. go into bios and load optimized defaults.
    then in windows go to power management and set it to high performance.
    cpu-z is defiantly misidentifying the cpu as its M1 stepping not D7

    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2665 has the 206d7 cpuid.
    but i also see it is listed for the 3820

    so either cpu-id is making a mistake or your bios is. i recommend you swap your old cpu back in if you have it and update the bios to the latest version than install your new cpu.
    and dont forget to load optimized defaults or the cpu wont be identified properly. (if you didn't do it before then thats likely the reason its being misidentified now) so do this befor you run a bios update.
  12. ^ well hex (welcome back :)...seeing you after a long time) they cant do that coz they've migrated from a 1155 to 2011. Loading optimized defaults might help though but I agree with you that this is likely a buggy BIOS. OP, Can you downgrade your BIOS by a version or two and see how it pans out?
  13. lol my bad,. i missread the post coz the gfx took up a lot of space.

    i havent been anywhere just in the pc gaming section. but its getting very samey with people asking the same questions day in day out.

    so stopped in for a change of scenery ;)
  14. I'll give a go when I get home. I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is the passmark results being lower than a 4 year old proc. I've ran multiple tests. Just seems like something is preventing it from running even at normal speeds. Those tests were done at stock clock.
  15. Oh and as far as the bios, the board is brand new. So only one bios. No revisions yet. although there was a customer review yesterday and it looks like they've had no issues. Newegg didn't even have reviews At the time when I purchased it like a week ago. So I'm a guinea pig on this one.
  16. yes do that and before doing that BIOS update, ensure your heat sink is properly seated and is fully contacting the cpu. If a newer BIOS (a version or two older) does not work, take a li'l pain and double check the mobo for bent pin and thermal compound amount (before getting to do that, keep some AS5, MX4 etc handy)..the usual suspects.
  17. Hey r3zs1ckn3ss...your name is hard to type its very random.

    Anyway, I have a 3820 as well and it does the same thing to me. I did some research and found out that this idle is normal. Here are two links- one is a thread on another forum eluding to a review talking about the 3820 idling at 1.2ghz and then the review itself. The part of the review where it talks about idle speeds is at the bottom of the first page.
  18. ^good post kj but OP's issue is that his cpu speed does not scales up with load. He's seeing 1.2 under all load conditions.

    on a side note: I think his name is a pun on "Rez Sickness". We can call him rez in future posts. Better that than "OP"
  19. Yep. Old WoW title that stuck with me. Lol. Anyways yer right. I understand the whole powersave feature that it does and it would be fine if it scaled when under load. I noticed real world performance loss as well with obvious drops in framerates in comparison to my 3570k. That and the passmark tests I've ran before and after fresh OS install. But I will still check into everyone's advice. Hopefully something works. If anything this proc should be right along side the 3770k. Not a quarter of its score. That there alone just seems too fishy.
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    Well try to reflash your bios or something might be faulty. Are other components running OK?
  21. Okay. Another issue. MSI has that stupid software installer. I try to look for new updates on the bios and it just keeps telling me that I'm up to date. I would love to flash the bios but eh. Don't think that'
    s happening anytime soon.
  22. IDK...its starting to sound like you either have a bad mobo or a bad CPU. Perhaps you should try calling the manufacturer to see if you can get an RMA (I'd start with the mobo).
  23. Yeah I took a look at the Windows info screen and it shows current proc speed at 1MHz.
  24. RMA'n both since NewEgg is faster.
  25. I have contacted MSI to see if I can get the bios since Live Update will only let you download a newer bios since there is none and the Live Update is the only way to DL them. A dumb setup imo. Just lemme download my bios direct MSI! I'll post back when I figure this out and thanks to all who took the time to reply.
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