First build everrrr

Hi everyone, this is my first post on Tom's. Been lurking for about 3 months, mostly for information regarding this build! Funny how you can answer 99% of your questions without making a single thread by simply lurking and reading :D

Without further delay, here's what I have right now.

i5 3570K @ 4.2Ghz
ASrock Extreme4
Hyper 212+ w/ stock fan in push configuration (pull maybe be better?)
8GB Corsair low-profile RAM (these are awesome, fits snug under the 212 fan)
Gigabyte GTX 670 (I can't remember what I overclocked this to, it was close to 1300Mhz I think? But slightly under)
750W PSU
Case (this is what I FAILED at selecting correctly): CM Storm Scout

-The case is too small. Period. Being a complete noob to cable management, this was not a good first case. I've been watching videos and attempting to reorganize a bit but it's still not great.

-Another case complaint. The Gigabyte Windforce 670 is 11" long. According to the CM site, I can fit up to 10.6" of card. Hehehe. So yes the shroud is sticking out into the top HDD bay. This took an hour to squeeze in. Long story short, the Microcenter sales rep gave me the wrong dimensions for the card (yes I should have researched more), and insisted it was 10". I don't like returning things, so I made it work. Nothing is broken or bent though. If I SLI another 670, it'll have to be a different version for sure (ideas? that won't screw up air flow coming from that Windforce 670?)

-My temps for the CPU and GPU are always around 30 C or under at Idle, I was super happy with that. Full out Heaven run still doesn't see anything go over 55C I believe (I'm going off what I remember sorry, at work).

So my concerns are:
- Has anyone noticed any particular fan setup that really helped them out in regards to the CM Storm Scout?
- Do any LED fans show up that well through the tinted side panel?
- Has anyone SLI'd high-end cards in this case and had heat issues?
- Would side panel fans offer any significant improvement?

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  1. The stock fan setup for the Storm Scout should be fine, I doubt you will have heat issues with dual cards. Might be a bit noisy but dual cards is going to be noisy in any case.

    The MSI GTX 670 is pretty highly regarded and is 10.51'' long:

    There's also a Gigabyte one with 2 fans instead of 3, that's 10.43'':
  2. What brand 750W PSU? Some are hopeless and can blow up taking the rest of your system with them.
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