Which of these two Gatwaye's would you choose?

Hello. I’m looking for advice to help pick between to computers that I am thinking of purchasing. We don’t game we just use our PC for home office, web browsing, minor picture editing type stuff. We are replacing an older AMD Opteron that I had built. I’m not really interested in building another PC with the time involved, would rather just purchase one. We want something physically small with decent performance. I have narrowed it down to these two machines, and am really having a hard time here, mainly because they cost the same. The Intel has higher clock speed, dual core and has a 7200 RPM drive. The AMD has a slower clock speed but is quad core and has a slower 5400 RPM drive. The benefit of the AMD is the integrated video, from what I have read, is much better than the Intel’s and even though these both could be upgraded with a dedicated card, I’m just going to use the integrated video. I’m leaning towards the Intel because of the google searches I have done comparing the A8-3820 vs the i3-2120, the i3 is faster in most respects. I am concerned about the video performance of the Intel though. The PC’s in question here are both Gateway’s. SX2370-UR10P and SX2870-UR10P. Both cost the same from newegg.

If someone knows of an even better option in this price range and SFF I would like to hear of it, but I have not found anything yet close to the price.

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  1. If you don't game at all, period, then the video of the Intel is more than adequate for everything else. Aside from that, with the i3, you get a faster hard drive and a processor that will be better for most tasks. I'd pick the intel one.

    Here's pretty much the same thing from Dell for $449, but with tax and shipping it may or may not be a better deal:

  2. Thank for the input. I only wish these came with SATA III with an option to upgrade to SDD. Oh well.
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