Triple Monitor on Sager NP9150?

Hey all,
For my setup at home Im going to have the best of both worlds :) A great laptop that can be a desktop if i plug my mouse and keyboard in (g19 and rat 7- jelly yet?)

It is going to be the Sager NP9150- i7 3610qm,
16gb 1600mhz ddr3, 512gb Crucial M4, --- GTX 680m 4gb!--

Will it run triple monitors well do you think? 5760x1080 ofc.

Thanks In Advance!
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    assuming this is for gaming; doable, more or less if you tone down the graphics settings to high - medium, maybe low at the very worst. the 680m performs close to the radeon 6970 which should perform close to the 7870, if not slightly less than at that res. with that in mind, here's some idea on performance with max details at 5760x1080p

    edit; assuming you're also using the laptop monitor, i'd also reckon you need to setup the screens all at the same height which can be complicated unless you already have a plan. and then there's the issue of finding two 15" 1080p monitors, otherwise it's not going to line up nicely. i've seen enough 20+" at that res, but never a 15".
  2. Sorry I should of stated. I have bought 3 24" Full HD 2ms monitors already.
    The ports from the monitors are 2x hdmi and one vga. Monitor connection plan is-
    Hdmi Monitor --> Hdmi Laptop
    Hdmi Monitor --> Active HDMI to display port adapter ---> Display port Laptop
    Hdmi Monitor --> Hdmi to Dvi adapter --> Dvi Laptop

    So I wont be using the laptop monitor. The height and size is all perfect as they are all the same model etc.

    My main concern is the performance. On medium settings will it get a solid 60fps do you think?

    My other option is to beg and get the Eurocom Scorpius with 8gb DDR5- 2x 680m with the same specs...

    What fps will that get do you think on the same setup? do you think it is worth the extra money
  3. with a single 680m at medium, i'd reckon you'll get a passable 30-40fps at worst in some of the graphically intensive games like BF3 and Crysis. with a 680m sli, maybe 50-70fps at medium, or high if you're very lucky.
  4. My question still stands though. Do you think it will be worth the extra money? this laptop will hopefully last me for the rest of senior school (next 3 1/2) years
  5. realistically, at 5760x1080p and with the next gen consoles just around the corner which should push gaming graphics (slightly) further, it'll be kinda of tough to say it will last as long as you wish it to last unless you don't mind setting it to low settings and/or drop down to a single 1080p monitor in the worst case scenario several years from now.

    is it worth the extra money? only if you can spend it and are willing to risk it; with so much high performance parts all cramped up in a limited amount of space, i am somewhat worried about the heat caused by the GTX 680m SLI, which can kill your PC before you can see three years of use out of it. a cooling pad can only do so much. hopefully, Sager can cover your warranty for that long and you actually play in a cold room.

    honestly though i can see the 680m SLI lasting 2 years before something goes awry.
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