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560ti sli help

I just got another 560ti fto run in sli. But I am having a problem where once I Have a benchmark runnning for about 30seconds the screen starts flashing, like half- 3 quarters of the screen will flash tan or some other color for a split second and will keep doing this repeatedly. Has anyone else had this issue? What do I do to fix it? I was thinking I would try using an older driver but is there something else I should try?
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  1. What are your specs?
  2. I have a 965be, 6gb ram, and two 560ti's
  3. Try the new GTX 560 Ti alone to check whether it's not faulty.
  4. It seems to only flicker when it is in higher reslutions.
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    What higher resolutions? What is your monitor? What cable are you using?
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