AMD 6950 - AOC E2795VH - won't go full screen 1920x1080

Hi I'm not too tech savy. Recently updated the drivers for my graphics card and initially when I booted up there would be a black border around my desktop. This would normally resolve after a few minutes or if I changed the desktop resolution and then reverted back it would fix.

Then today I updated catalyst from 12.6 to 12.8, it now permanently has the black border on 1920x1080 and I have to drop it down to 1680x1050 to go full screen (which looks horrible).

Like I said I'm not too tech savy and this isn't something I have encountered before. Any help would be welcome.
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  1. Use DVI cable instead of HDMI!
  2. Hey Sunius thank you for the response. Sadly the only DVI cable I own lacked the pins to plug into my card so would have had to go through mother board. Instead I fiddled around in catalyst. After a bit of searching found scaling and managed to fiddle it back to how I wanted it.
  3. Your card has DVI-I slot, which has extra pins, but cables don't have them. So It would still work perfectly with that cable even though it doesn't fill all the pins.
  4. Open up AMD Vision Engine Control Center and make sure everything is on advance viewing. Then, go to My Digital Flat-Panels and click on Scaling Options (Digital Flat- Panel) and move the slider to the right side until everything is a full screen. Hope this helps. =)
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