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I'm planning on overclocking my Intel core I5-2500K CPU like crazy, but I don't know what cooler to get. I have my eye on the cooler master hyper 212+ or evo, but I don't know if they will be able to handle it. I need to know that my cooler can keep my CPU working for years to come. Please let me know if my 212+ will be enough, and if not, let me know what I should go with.
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  1. matters u say crazy, but wats crazy? 5ghz? Easy recommendation if ur worried as i not sure how the 212 handles high overclocks a noctua nh d14
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    I have the 212 EVO on my i5-2500K and took it to 4.2GHZ with no heat issues at all. I never went any higher, so I can't vouch for what kind of temps you'll get with the similar 212+ at KrazyGHZ. But it is one of the better coolers. The Noctua mentioned above is probably one of the best air coolers:
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