I'm using three monitors on my pc, 1920x1080,1280x1024 and another 1280x1024.

Whenever I use eyefinity, the 1920x1080 scales down to the 1280x1024 which looks terrible as it isn't the native res.

Would it be possible to force a resolution that would be native to the 1920x1080 e.g. 4480x1080? If it was possible, wouldn't the other monitors just downscale the resolution?

And could I set up the 1920x1080 to the 1920x1024? If I could do this, would eyefinity allow me to use a resolution such as 4480x1024? Could I trick eyefinity into thinking that the 1920x1080 monitor is just 1920x1024 by leaving out a few pixels at the bottom/top?
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  1. I dont think this is possible. Previously EyeFinity wouldnt even work on monitors with different resolutions. AMD updated and made it possible on different resolution screens but I think the only way its done is like you said, all the monitors drop down to match the resolution on the lowest screen.

    As a workaround you can always look at software called SoftH. I used it before Eyefinity became official (when I had 2 4850's). It allows mixing and matching of resolutions and doing custom stuff like you want, but its definitely not easy to setup or user friendly since its just an add on software program developed by one guy.
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