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How can 2 people access files from the same la cie storage at the same time?

Last response: in Networking
October 10, 2011 4:29:49 PM

I wonder if anyone can help?

I have a laCie hard drive which we use to store all our files. There are 2 of us in the office and we would both like to be able to access the storage at the same time. Currently our laCie can only be seen on our desktop's if only one computer is connected (using either firewall and/or USB connectors).

Lastly, we also back up our files using dropbox, however when you drag and drop the files into dropbox from the desktop, the copying of the files uses the hard drive (HD) memory thereby reducing available HD space. Does anyone know a way to upload folders (not individual files) onto dropbox without using any HD space?


a c 104 G Storage
October 10, 2011 6:28:01 PM

If the external drive is not a network drive, you need to hook it up to a PC and share out the drive letter so the other computers on the network can see it. There are routers made that include a USB interface for network sharing, you can get one of those. Or get an adapter that will enable USB to network use just on that hard-drive For the price though, you may want to just buy a new drive with built-in networking capability.

As far as copying files to dropbox, once you copy them over, any temp files should be cleared. Unless you are doing something in a different way like copying the files to the PC first, then up to dropbox.
October 10, 2011 8:47:48 PM

The only way I know how to upload folders is use the dropbox program on your computer and that just synchronizes a folder with dropbox, keeping a local copy of all of your dropbox files. I am guessing that is what your are doing now.

Are you trying to backing up the laCie drive to dropbox?
If so and if it was me I would pick a computer I would want to be the server. (The one that is turned on the most, would be a good pick) Then have the LaCie drive plugged in to that computer all of the time and share it with the network like what hand-the-9 suggested. Then I would setup the dropbox folder to be on the LaCie drive. This way both of you have access to the laCie drive, and it will automatically synchronize to dropbox when new files are added or modified on the laCie. and not use up any of your internal hardrive space plus you can access files remotely via dropbox.
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