CPU or GPU upgrade? Celeron D with onboard 946gz graphics

Hiya guys! How're you doin?
So.. I have this decision to make - should i get an HD 4670 (or a similar GFX card) or a similarly priced dual-core processor for my current rig? I've only got the budget for one upgrade. I'm hoping to play games in the 2005-2006 era, I really need to know if upgrading from my onboard graphics while still keeping my Celly is gonna run my games :O And btw, where I live, prices of CPUs are almost as high as the combination of a GFX card and a PSU, so if I've decided to buy a GFX card, I'm gonna buy a 350-450w to get me around. It's the decision that's important, because my current onboard GFX chipset combined with my Celly can't run diddly squat :(
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  1. I'd suggest finding yourself a Trinity chip and compatible mobo. Two birds with one stone etc.
  2. Well that would be an option in about 4 more years, when I get my new rig, for now, I can't afford getting a new motherboard, CPU, RAM and not to mention, the GPU. I want to be able to play 'old' games, couldn't I just make do with the LGA775 motherboard I currently have? What I mean is, if my options are restricted to only buying anything between a GPU and a CPU, what should I get to get the most performance right now?
  3. The problem is trying to maintain a balance, if you go for a amazing GPU the CPU will cause a bottleneck, but in some games upgrading the CPU wont make as much difference as a good GPU.

    But then again a new CPU would make things quicker.

    Just my 517.00 Ugandan shillings.
  4. I would suggest the GPU. Maybe a 7750.

    Make sure you get a decent PSU - a bad one can blow up and take the rest of your system with it.
  5. So...
    Both of you just told me two different things :pt1cable: I'm pretty surprised at the rarity of this question, has no one ever thought of getting the most out of their upgrades before? :D
    OK so maybe if I specify my needs you guys'll be able to get a better view of what I'm looking for:
    Let's suppose I want to play Doom 3 (at around 40-ish FPS on medium). Now I have two options:
    *My current CPU paired up with a decent GPU;
    *My on-board 946gz for graphics while rocking a dual-core processor (C2Duo e7xxx at max) in the same price range as that GPU.

    Between these two options, which should I choose, given that I'm only going to play games of the 2006 era? Would getting a better CPU run my games without a dedicated GPU?

    And thank you SOO much for answering, I thought I'd get about zero answers :)
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    you can go with the Pentium D830 and pair that with a 9800gt

    Pentium D830: $28
    GeForce 9800GT: $60

    it can handle bf2 fine with at least 1gb of ram, the D830 may bottleneck the 9800GT a little bit so you'll want to upgrade it later on
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  8. So I'll go with the D830 for now, and buy the 9800gt (or something else, if anything better turns up) next month. Thanks for the REs :)
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