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I have RivaTuner 2.24 installed on my Core2Duo 6300 PC, to increase the GPU fan speed of my X1950 graphic card.
It works when set and returns to the speed I set, after Windows startup (being prompted by RivaTuner).

But After the PC is in sleep mode (or simply doses off), upon resume the fan reverts to 27%, which in turn allows the GPU temp to exceed 70°C and to repeatedly reboot itself...
At the 55% fan speed I set, the GPU works fine at ~60°C.
I tried saving and checking the 'suspended mode' box, but to no avail...

What must I do to retain the settings and keep this fan at 55% no matter what?

Dar Zeelon
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  1. That card shouldn't be getting that hot even at 27% fan speeds. Have you cleaned it out at all recently? Take a can of compressed air and blow it into the heatsink and fan (while holding the fan so it doesn't spin). If you can't keep the fan vertical while doing this then you can pull out the card and clean it that way - you'll be able to get out more dust. You just don't want to have the can non vertical in use because that can have it shoot out some liquid that could harm the GPU.
  2. Trapper,

    I have even taken the card apart and put it back together (new heat paste).
    There was very little lint.

    The RivaTuner potentially solves the overheating... If I only could make it work consistently, with no additional fiddling every time I wake my PC up.

    Dar Zeelon
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