GTX 675M good enough to run wow/bf3 on high ultra?

Hi i am planning to buy a gaming laptop most prolly an alienware and i was wondering is nvidia GTX 675M 2GB good enough to run wow and battlefield 3 on high/ultra except the shadow/distance quality set to fair thanks
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  1. Laptop is not supposed to be for hardcore gaming. I recommend to buy a desktop instead. A laptop is twice as expensive.
    Now your question. That depends on the resolution. If it is on 1920x1080, probably mid/high.

    - Fastreaction
  2. Indeed i want to buy a desktop but i travel a lot so i have no choice:( yes i will be playing on 1920x1080 how about Dual Nvidia GTX 675M SLI, thanks.
  3. Well if you want a better GPU for your laptop, I would recommend a GTX 680M. It is now the strongest and most advanced GPU for laptops. With that you can definitely run on high/ultra settings :)
    The downside is that it is probably expensive since laptops are always expensive :(.
    - Fastreaction

    When in doubt, check out the ole notebook check.
    The problem with this place, is (and maybe its just me) the resolution/full settings for these games arent listed. The test system for the 2nd battlefield/high benchmark was on a laptop with 1080p native res. So I'd assume it was run as so.
  5. I wouldn't recommend SLI and especially not on a laptop.
    GTX 675M -> mid/high settings.
    GTX 680M -> high/ultra settings.

    Edit: Yeah there is a huge difference between those 2 cards.

    - Fastreaction
  6. Alright thanks i think i will go for a desktop dont think its worth buying a laptop for $2700
  7. $2700 :O :O :O You could get a desktop for $1000 that would perform MUCH better.
  8. Do not get the 670m/675m. They are re branded a rebranded gtx 570m/580m respectively. Try to get a gtx 680m.
  9. Well for world of warcraft I'm sure it'd handle it, rebrand or not. At that resolution though, I don't think BF3 will run at 60fps with maxed out settings.
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