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so speedfan shows 10.47 on my 12+ rail and everest shows about 6.30v, but in bios it showed 12.4v ,i am running 4 case fans(3 of them pluged in fan silencer 5v ,7v 12v slots all are pluged,and one in pluged in mobo sysfan, one hhd, geforce gt220 oc,core 2 duo e6300 oc to 2,25ghz with deepcool gamma archer cooler,dvd rom,2x 2gb ddr3 1333mhz ,btw my fsb now in bios is 1288mhz vcore jumps around 1.136 -1.296 ,my mobo is msi G41M-P26 ,and my power supply is inter tech booster 520w i doubt it can produce real 520w its cheap but still should be enaugh for my rig ???? should i be worried or trust bios readings ? and didnt really noticed any weird lags or strange stuff while gaming.....


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  1. Well, its a hit and miss thing with software, and I normally don't trust any software to tell me my voltage, Just fine a pice of software like HWmonitor to five you your CPU voltage, but I disregard the other voltage as it says my Ram is running at 1.8v when its running at 1.4v. I would trust bios, but even then it can be wrong.
  2. bouncedk said:
    Take a look here:

    Short answer: None of them are 100% reliable.

    thnx for reply guys ,i know best way is multimeter but i cant really afford dat now,i will justt trust bios readings and if i will feel some weird instability then i will start to worry but now it feels like pc is running stable as it should be..... btw can i connect two fans in power supply instead of one ,using same + and - wires and connect in series to make them little slower to reach less noise ?? it wont damage power supply ??
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