Will this setup run skyrim at ultra?

Hello, i want to get a setup that will run skyrim at ultra for a cheap cost. Here are the components that ive come up with. I havent looked for a case yet because i dont know what it needs to have. - Optima 2-Pack 4GB (8GB total) PC3-10666 DDR3 Desktop Memory Kit/4354732.p?id=1218475662604&skuId=4354732#tab=specifications - Barracuda 2 TB Internal Hard Drive/4919412.p?id=1218577515991&skuId=4919412

Thanks. I want your honest opinion.
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    Yeah, should do very well. I ran skyrim on ultra (minus view distances on medium, and some AA) with a much worse setup. (athlon 2 x3 + 6870.)
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