First build, what do i really need

Hi everybody im new to the community, building computers and fairly inexperienced in the computer world in general. Im starting to pick part for my first computer and hate to bother you guys with my basic questions but I just cant figure out how much computer I really need. Ill try and give you all the information you’ll need but just ask for more.
- would like to OC not necessarily out of necessity but more to learn and will have the ability to get help from expensed people

What it will be used for:
-minor gaming, mainly minecraft but possibly a few others (no titles in specific but more of the age of empires style games not fps or anything like that)
-possibly racing games but not likely
-school work
- basic imaging programs like gimp, inkscape, and Google sketch up
- main computer for use in learning coding

What I think I want/need:
-quad core processor, I hate to ask but amd or Intel, I know its asking for war :pfff:
-dedicated video card
-ssd for os and common programs
-hdd for all other data, speed matters more to me than sound

Requirements, and other info not set in stone:
-looking to spend somewhere between 500-750
-will have to handle multiple web pages, programs and minecraft all open at once.
-will be at least 2 months before parts are ordered.

Id appreciate any help I can get. if you want to get a complete build made that’d be awesome but really advice will surfice I mainly just don’t know how to calculate what kind of stats ill really need for what I want.

not picky about brands but would prefer to use newegg for ordering.

thanks in adnacne :)
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  1. Lotsa products on the horizon for the next couple months. Plus, lotsa things are getting cheaper almost by the day. I'd save up for now, then hit black fri/cyber monday/newegg sales week before Thanksgiving.

    With a SSD, you're probably going to be closer to the 750 mark cause you're gonna want a decent sized HDD for storage to go along with it. You could budget low to mid range CPU in the 150 or so range, 80 or so for the motherboard, 40 for the case or so, 60 for the PSU give or take and you want a quality PSU. Couple hundred for a video card so you get some boom.

    Does your price include monitor/keyboard/mouse/windows? That could eat up a couple hundred bux right there. Need more information/you should wait til you get closer to purchase date, that way people can help with sales and such/take advantage of the ever changing PC part market.
  2. right now im looking for more of how to split up my budget and what power ill require in each product now specfics if that makes sense
  3. To add to jossrick's post, I would get a 520w Seasonic modular psu. They are 69 bucks at newegg. You probably only need to go with a fast dual core and I would choose intel for that. I like ASRock motheboards too and you should find one affordable in your range. I would go with a 64 bit OS too, Windows 7.
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