Black Screen once GPU power is plugged in.


Building a Pc for a friend, built many before and I've got a little stuck.

The system is:
i7 1156
Asus standard motherboard (P7H55-LVX I think)
Nvidia Geforce 560ti
2x 4gb memory DDR3
a blu-ray drive
and 1TB harddrive
700w PSU (System needs approx 500w to run)

Installed windows and ran a Windows system review, the GPU received a 1.0 rating, then after the necessary restart for latest Nvidia drivers, it booted back up and black screened.

(every time we have booted it after the initial boot from install Win7 disc it has black screened, this is just the first time we tried Nvidia drivers)

Ran PC via Motherboard uninstalled Nvidia Drivers, still black screen. Re-installed drivers, black screen.

Installed all the recent windows updates and ransystem performance review, the Graphic's card is now detected! rated 6.4.

Monitor is plugged into the motherboard, no power cables in the GPU. I believe the GPU is running (haven't been over to check but I'm going tonight)

But I'm being told as soon as the two power leads are plugged into the GPU it black screens on boot which has me puzzled, so I'm asking three things?

Any Idea on where the problem stems? (Nvidia drivers, Window drivers?)

Any solutions?

and if the GPU is working from motherboard power at a decent rate, what's the long term issues he could face with the GPU power cables not being plugged in?

Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. first of all when u install a new window the system needs some time so that wei can rate the system after a using many times wei adjust the system rating
    make sure that the card require 2 6pin pcie connector to run it
    u have to update bios also for system stability
    and what version of nvidia driver are u using on it i prefer 301.42 whql driver for gtx 560 ti
  2. Updated Bios already (Should of included that), The driver I was installing was 301.42 - WHQL which didn't help fix the black screen problem. The card has two 6pin slots so I can only assume it requires two six pins to run at maximum capacity.
  3. ok then try 307.49 driver by the way which windows version does u have home ultimate
  4. Windows 7 ultimate x64
  5. Update: works with 1 cable plugged into the GPU with the HDMI cable for the monitor coming out the motherboard but not with 1 cable plugged in the GPU with HDMI cable coming out the GPU.
  6. use dvi not hdmi dvi is platform for monitors and hdmi is platform for tv users
  7. He's running it onto his T.V. Which in fairness is fairly large... that didn't even occur to me that his GPU may dislike his T.V.

    I'll recommend that he try's his much more reasonable bedroom t.v. Screen (no monitors in the house O_O )
  8. then he need a dvi cable or if tv supports vga then need two loops of vga or dvi port cable hdmi is old one for higher resolution dvi is much better second choice is vga
  9. Just got a reply his cable is a DVI to HDMI, Thoughts?
  10. then tell him to go buy an dvi to dvi port cable
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