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AMD or INTEl processors,which is more reliable

Recently my acer4535 laptop damaged due to overheat.Now I want to a buy new laptop within the range of cost 30000 to 35000.In that range HP laptop provides better features with in that range.
But I am little afraid to buy because the configuration which i had seen contains amd quad A6 processor.
The reason is my old laptop also contains amd processor it always get overheated due to that within less than 2years mother board burnt out.

So any one please give me sugesstion let i stick with amd processor or go for intel processors.

please help me .....
sorry for my poor english...
thanks in advance....
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    Vasu, do not wory about the current AMD cpu lines and the laptops available. Like ferret has said, both AMD and Intel make reliable cpu. Laptops get hotter than desktops because of small sapce in which everything is fitted.

    For your burnt motherboard, you should be covered by warranty as that much heating is not supposed to happen. When a cpu or other motherboard component gets too hot, the computer shuts down or restarts.

    can you tell us which particular laptops you are interested in buying. And what features do you require?
    you should also take a look at this:

    good luck
  2. I am interested in lenovo ,dell,thosiba
    Features which I wanted are
    processor: intel i3 2nd gen/amd
    Ram-2 to 4
    Graphics-1gb (ati or nvidia)
    screen size-14 or 15 inches.
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